The Tesla Model 3 is amazing―here’s why you shouldn’t buy one

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There’s the spacious trunk and frunk (that’s front storage where a gas engine would normally be), and a huge 15-inch touchscreen. It’s great for the environment. And if you add on the Autopilot package, it’ll be fully autonomous. The Model 3 is the car of the future, and it’s rolling off production lines today.  But most importantly, it’s affordable, starting at $35,000. (Let’s be real, I’m a tech reporter, not a Wall Street stock trader.)

I really don’t need a car since I live in New York City and just love riding the disgusting subway — I’m only kidding, but it is convenient — or walking, but I want one to get my lazy ass out of town. Combine my long search for a car and my tech lust and you’ve got the perfect example of the person Tesla’s targeting.  These factors are also precisely the reasons why I won’t buy a Model 3.

Caught up in the hype

Tesla’s Model 3 is a magnificent-looking car that, while not as luxurious and tricked out as the Model S or Model X, is still a Tesla through and through. Its arrival on streets could upturn the entire automotive industry and become the catalyst that makes the electric car the king of the road.

Some people are calling the Model 3 the car’s iPhone moment, but that’s being too generous. As much as I enjoy being drip-fed every little morsel of Model 3 news from Musk’s Twitter account, it’s time we all came back to reality—buying a car is not at all the same as buying an iPhone, even if Tesla makes it easy to order one online.

Requires a loan

For one, buying a car is a serious investment. I’d have to take out a loan and then make monthly payments. It could be a financial strain if I don’t calculate everything just right. Whereas an iPhone, pricey as it is for some people (and I’m aware there are also installment plans available), isn’t a giant spend in my opinion. At least not compared to a $35,000 purchase (without tax, even).

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