10 Most Boring Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Ever (And 15 Worth Every Dollar)

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There is no correct way to choose a bike and every single model out there has a number of benefits and faults that will attract an array of riders. Even the duds have a few fans out there who are more than willing to keep their lemon alive as long as they possibly can. The truth is that even if your bike is completely worthless, once you’ve found the bike for you, it becomes challenging to see it as anything else.

In other words, these aren’t the worst bikes on the planet, nor are they terrible bikes across the board; each and every model has a few pros and some aftermarket upgrades that can make it exceptional. However, the vast majority of riders found many of these ‘embarrassing’ Harleys to be too much trouble than what they’re worth. With that said, don’t be afraid to go out there and tackle any project bike to your heart’s content, just be aware of the common issues that may plague your desired model.

On the flip side, there are a number of stunning bikes that Harley-Davidson has created that are like no other. Whether they’re drop-dead gorgeous in every sense of the word or if they satisfy your torque-fueled bike addiction, these are just a few of the notable Harley-Davidson models that many riders have come to love. While many of these models aren’t going to appeal to the Harley traditionalist, there are a variety of models that touch a little bit of something for everyone.


If you’re going for a Harley, then having some hardcore power is a priority. But this bike is extremely dull. A Road Glide is obviously a larger bike, but some of the newer models have a feeling of weightlessness. As for the 2017, you can feel every ounce of its weight as you’re riding. And with all of that weight, it’s still a gutless bike that disappoints, even while riding wide open on the highway. Its Milwaukee-Eight engine has received four recalls including issues with the clutch and oil leakage, while the suspension is disappointing, to say the least; it handles potholes about as good as a scooter and bottoms out extremely easily. The only thing the 2017 Road Glide does exceptionally well is ride in a straight line comfortably.

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