10 Most Boring Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Ever (And 15 Worth Every Dollar)

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There’s no denying that the Harley0Davidson Night Train is one of the best-looking bikes that has ever sat in the Harley showroom. The Night Train has a rugged look without taking things over the top, which is undoubtedly why it has attracted so many riders and lived such a long life. However, there were too many bones to pick with Harley over this bike and that ultimately led to its eventual discontinuation. For one thing, the Night Train couldn’t touch twin-shock Dynas as far as handling goes and it’s really only good for short-distance cruises, particularly those that involve minimal maneuvers. The Night Train had become an icon in the Harley lineup and was practically selling on its image alone.


The Livewire was another of Harley’s failed attempts at appealing to a new market of consumers, and they weren’t entirely terrible at stirring up some attention. But the execution of the bike is all wrong. For one thing, the Livewire is an electric bike that doesn’t have any gears but still has all of the Harley power that a cruiser rider would love. The major flaw of the Livewire is the fact that it costs $30,000 which is making it a premium niche product. That’s fine and dandy, except that the majority of buyers who are interested in electric bikes are younger generation riders who are less likely to afford that bike. The Livewire just seems like a smug joke on the part of Harley; there are a number of competitors that come in at thousands cheaper.

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