10 Most Boring Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Ever (And 15 Worth Every Dollar)

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The FX Super Glide was designed to offer the feel of a custom motorcycle straight from the factory. The ‘FX’ actually stands for ‘Factory Experimental’. With that said, the 1971 FX Super Glide was an utter failure in sales, possibly for a few reasons but one particular feature caused everyone to avoid it like the plague: the ‘boattail’ fender. The notorious fender, along with the buckhorn handlebars, was meant to give the Super Glide something for people to talk about. Unfortunately for Harley, it was the last thing that bikers wanted to discuss. And, who can really blame them? The 71’s boattail rear-end is such an eyesore that you’d inevitably have to customize this ‘custom-from-factory’ bike.


The Street Rod is meant to be the bike that breaks boundaries with its dark, sleek design. The only bounds that the Street Rod actually breaks are the hearts of cruiser loyalists. It’s probably one of the least comfortable Harleys ever made. True, it’s meant to be a sportier bike and an aggressive riding posture naturally comes with that, but the Street Rod has a funny way of making it even less comfortable than if you were on a stretched supersport. The bike is unrealistic for long rides but isn’t even that great for short trips on the freeway; you’ll be clinging to the handlebars to fight the amount of wind resistance. It’s definitely better for city driving with its ability to weave through traffic, however, its acceleration also has a funny way of lunging inexperienced riders forward.

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