10 Most Boring Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Ever (And 15 Worth Every Dollar)

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If you’re all about looks, then the Softail Crossbones is, hands down, your bike. Sure, it could use a set of new handlebars and maybe even a different rear fender to meet the liking of more bikers, but the majority of riders love the Crossbones, primarily for stylistic reasons. Unlike its Softail name, though, this ride is anything but; it’s not the best with handling in the world and the shifty is clunky. Plenty of riders have even claimed that the Crossbones rides very uncomfortably and will begin shaking if you take one hand off of the bar. Not to mention, it was around $13,000 (base price!) when it was brand new… That’s a hefty toll for the limited features that are included. It’s no wonder that Harley had to do away with it.


Harley Davidson doesn’t really receive much credit for being innovative, primarily because the only bikes that have really ‘worked’ for them have been their iconic cruisers. And yet, the renowned brand has experimented with everything from electric bikes to sport cruisers, and the XR1200 was another unique attempt that never fully satisfied the consumers.

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