10 Portrait Photography Tips That Will Make Stunning Portraits

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Have you ever considered starting with portrait photography but you don’t know how to do it? I understand this feeling because for several years I was dedicated almost exclusively to nature and landscape photography. I started shooting portraits accidentally and my learning process was mostly by trial and error. In this article, I will share with you 10 portrait photography tips that are really helpful for me during my photo sessions.

What Is Portrait Photography?

Portrait photography or portraiture is about capturing human beings and conveying their emotions, stories, or situations. A good portrait photograph is able to illuminate the subject’s emotions and story through the use of lighting, composition, depth of field, and posing.

Taking stunning portraits is challenging and requires some practice, patience and establishing a connection with your model. For that reason, my tips are both about portrait photography settings and the relationships you establish with your model.

1. Portrait Photography Settings

Camera settings for portrait photography will depend on the situation of each portrait, but I will give you some general ideas that will be helpful as a starting point.

Focus Mode

First of all, I would select the autofocus instead of shooting in manual because focusing will be faster and easier with autofocus. In addition, you will not make your model feel bored while you try to focus manually.

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