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When to shoot

The city of Chicago captured at sunrise

The city of Chicago captured at sunrise. Tenenbaum used a 10 stop neutral density filter, an f/11 aperture and a three minute exposure for this frame.

Although using an ND filter gives you the option of shooting in the middle of the day, Tenenbaum still prefers an early morning shoot or right at sunset to catch the golden hour—especially if you want to capture the colors in a scene. In terms of seasons Tenenbaum notes that Vancouver’s climate is ideal for long exposure photography. The city is located in the middle of a rainforest, which makes for lots of clouds and high elevation winds.

blue and purple filter lighthouse photo

Shooting long exposures at sunrise or sunset will reveal the beautiful colors of a scene. The images above were both shot with a 13 stop neutral density filter, an f/11 aperture and an 8 minute exposure. The color differences come from the time of day that they were shot.

“The clouds are moving fast, but at higher altitudes,” she explains. “The tripod can stay sturdy on the ground not be affected by the winds.” “I find that the transition seasons are the best, the fall and the spring,” she says. “In the winter it can be too rainy or snowy and in the summer it can be just cloudless”

Finding subjects

The Brooklyn Bridge

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