How to Take Landscape Photography in Winter Light

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low key

From the presets, select Low Key 1

Choose one of the Low Key options, in this case I’ve selected Low Key 1. This will give you a good starting point and from here we can make specific adjustments to suit the image. You can alter the whole image under Global Adjustments – you can see this option already has high contrast and low brightness. I like to increase the Structure slightly to make everything look sharper and more detailed so I’ve pulled that up to around 20%.

Make Local Adjustments Using Control Points

When you have the Global Adjustments the way you like them, use Selective Adjustments to make changes to targeted parts of your picture

selective adjusment

Make control points for selective adjustments

Click the circle next to control points to add a new one. When you hover back over your picture, you’ll see it’s turned into a type of cross-hair. Click where you’d like to add a point;  concentrate on highlights first. Once you click on your photo, you’ll see your control point has several options. The first is to change the size of the control point and how much of the area around it will be affected by your changes. Keep these quite small unless you’re doing a big area of similar tonal range.

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