7 Masters in Computer Science Accepting Students with Low IELTS Scores

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3. Master in Software Engineering at University of Bergen

University of Bergen is an internationally acknowledged research-oriented institution. The university is Norway’s most cited university and has a wide international research community. University of Bergen covers several centres of excellence, focusing on innovative projects in several engineering areas, particularly energy and environment. The Master’s degree in Software Engineering teaches students basic scientific methods used in computer and information sciences. You will develop skills in analysing large-scale information systems and learn to use research methods in software engineering.

4. M.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering at University of Oulu

A university specifically designed for the advancement of scientific knowledge, the University of Oulu invests in giving students the best resources and support for their own research. Going here to study Computer Science & IT will put you in a strong position to learn vital skills and advance your career goals. Furthermore, the University of Oulu aims to push all boundaries of knowledge; and these boundaries include any of the various limits imposed by cultural, national, or social differences. Everyone has a new idea to offer, and may approach ideas from different perspectives. It is important, therefore, that the University of Oulu invite students from every country around the world so that they may participate in the exciting progression of knowledge.

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5. M.Sc. in Computer Systems and Networks at Chalmers University of Technology

A fairly young university, Chalmers University of Technology is founded on the principles of innovation for the future and, specifically, contributing to the well-being of society at large. There are no limits to this mission; not in one’s language, nor in national, cultural, or social backgrounds. Any and all may help to change the world through technology, science, and research. To secure the brightest minds in the world so that they can continue to advance the ideas and prospects for the future, Chalmers University of Technology is happy and eager to welcome students from everywhere, regardless of their language skills.

6. M.Sc. in Computer Science at Ca’Foscari University

Ca’Focari University of Venice counts over 1,000 international students each year and covers an engaging student life. The university has received several prizes for research and all programmes focus on academic tutoring. The M.Sc. in Computer Science is dedicated to students that previously studied a Bachelor’s degree in information science and engineering, mathematics, or statistics. The curriculum includes courses of artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing and software applications.

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