11 Communication Tips For Your First Real Relationship

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5. Learn To Argue In A Healthy Way

Every couple is going to have arguments from time to time — that’s inevitable. What really matters is how you argue, and whether it’s healthy or hurtful. “Arguments happen,” Rappaport says. “Sometimes they become heated and emotions may override common sense and logic. When you have an argument with your partner, and you will have them, try to keep them healthy and respectful. If you cannot resolve your argument right away, learn to agree to disagree and drop the subject.”

6. Acknowledge Your Mistakes, And Apologize For Them

It’s not easy to learn how to say I’m sorry in a relationship, but if you want your relationship to last, being able to take accountability for your actions and apologize for the mistakes you make is crucial ability. “Sometimes things go wrong and mistakes happen,” Rappaport says. “If you made the mistake, acknowledge it and say you are sorry. Your partner should accept your apology. The wrong way to communicate is to blame the error on your partner or someone else. Take responsibility for what you say so you can avoid any communication problems.”

7. Be An Active Listener

The key to great communication? According to relationship expert Audrey Hope, it’s important to be able to recognize when you should stop talking and start actively listening to your partner instead. “This means that you pause and stop and really hear what your partner is saying without jumping in and responding”. “Wait, breathe and honor what the other is expressing. So many times people pretend to listen and just wait long enough to respond. This is not good communication. A spiritual truth is that listening to someone is the greatest gift you can give them.”

8. Don’t Sweep Problems Under The Rug

When issues pop up in a relationship (as they’re bound to do), it can be scary to voice your thoughts and concerns to your partner — but it’s not healthy to bottle up your feelings or sweep problems under the rug. “Dare to speak from the heart and talk about what really matters to you,” Hope says. “If you hold back or pretend things don’t matter when they do, later on you will pay the price. Dare to be the real you all the way through.”

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